What We Stand For

"We believe in our children."

We believe that all children deserve equal quality education content.

By bringing together innovation and people with the same values and passion, we make world-class content accessible, affordable and enjoyable for every child in Asia.


"There simply should not be such an enormous barrier to entry to reading and learning, because English literacy is one of the defining challenges facing South-East Asia for current and future generations."

We are here to create and curate all things innovative and delightful for all children.


Great values are what we seek everywhere we go: 

in the people we work with, and in the content we look for and create.

Because it's values that make us human. And here at Me Books, values are what hold us together and inspire us in everything we do — from the books we carry, to the events we curate, to the content we craft and put out to the world.

Technology & creativity are better together.

Our dream is to continuously make innovative work that's gorgeous and delightful content for children.


By weaving technology and art together, we can make great content available and accessible for everyone.

Uncompromising quality for all.

Quality shouldn't just be for the discerning few. Every child deserves world-class content and innovative experiences, and we're always working to make that happen.

Produced by Me Books.

Storytelling Kit

Original Works

Loving Curated Box for Parents.

"Good storytelling & illustrations contribute to the overall development of a child by stimulating their imagination and thinking skills, whilst developing their own potential. Art can help children to discover their own identity and cultural heritage."

- Hao Jin, CEO of Me Books

Bridging & building communities.

This ecosystem that we've built is designed for and in collaboration with educators, parents, storytellers, story-lovers, creators, artists, entrepreneurs, innovators and everyone in between, outside and beyond.


We work as a community, and with communities, to give only the best for every child.

To make this dream come true, we collaborate with renowned publishers, educators, child psychologists, professional voice actors, esteemed composers, authors, illustrators, parents, and many more.

Everyone from Me Books.





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