Unleash The Superhero in You Story
Unleash The Superhero in You Story
“Unleash The Superhero In You” is a story about Alison and how things are not as they appear to be.
She lives her life trying to achieve great exploits by lending a helping hand to all around her. It is evident sometimes as family and friends, it may seem easier to watch and comment by the sidelines, not be involved and be indifferent to the plight of others.
This story reminds us that no matter who we are, we have all got something to give and make a difference. Rather than wondering about the wonderful, let an inspiring person like Alison, help to unleash the hero within us to make the world a better place. This storyline was written with intention to inspire and instil good values in children. 

Main Characters

"Superheroes Family"

Voice-over Artists

Reaching out to children in need.

Profits from the sale of this storybook titled, “Unleash The Superhero In You” will be donated to Little Yellow Flower Education Foundation benefitting underprivileged children who lack access to quality education in Malaysia.
Sinje Lee, together with her three (3) close friends Gigi Leung, Valen Hsu and Charlie Young, they have founded Little Yellow Flower Education Foundation (LYF).

This little bundle includes:​

  1. "Unleash the Superheroes in You" Children's Book (English)

  2. "Unleash the Superheroes in You" Children's Audio Book + three (3) months subscription to Me Books App  worth RM 40.

  3. "Superhero Cape" in blue / red

  4. "Superhero Badge" in blue / red

  5. "Superheroes Family" Sticker

RM 50 per box*

Unleashing Superheroes Together

with over 1,000 Libraries

in 5 different States in Malaysia.

This collaboration also seeks to donate more than 1,000 copies of the storybook across 1,150 libraries in conjunction of the #MalaysiaMembaca campaign unveiled by the government in their 10-year Literacy Plan (Dekad Membaca).


The libraries involved are the National Library of Malaysia along with four states libraries which are Selangor, Perak, Johor and Sarawak.

National Library of Malaysia

Selangor State Library

Sarawak State Library

Johor State Library

Perak State Library

MBO Cinemas and Me Books Asia today joined forces to advocate a message that every child has their own strengths, fortes and that a hero resides within them.


The collaboration between MBO Cinemas and Me Books Asia aims to produce a series of storybooks encourages better family relationships and quality bonding time between parents and children. It also highlights the wonders of storytelling beyond pages with kid-friendly facilities in MBO Cinemas’ Kecil Halls in Malaysia. 

"Unleash the Superhero in You" Children's Audio Book available in English, Mandarin & Bahasa Malaysia.

Free for millions of MBO loyalty members nationwide starting this Q4, 2019.

Free 3 months subscription | Coming Soon

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