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How to make storytime even more magical

​Make your own props and costumes, and even dress up as the characters. Use puppets, decorate the storytelling space, create some mood lighting, and role play to truly be a part of the story.

Get creative with our arts & crafts activities—find them below!

​Do some communal story-building by assigning different chunks of text or pages to different members of your family. You can put your own twist by changing the narrative, too.

This way, each story is truly personalised.

​Take storytime outside and match the location to the setting or theme. For instance, if it’s a jungle-themed book, you can go to a park, garden, or zoo to record yourself with your little one, as well as the sounds of nature and the surroundings.

Use the Me Books Theatre and explore shadow play with your little one.

For some family-friendly competition, play the themed board game and Theatre fun cards that come with every Me Books Theatre.

Choose a set time and an allocated amount of uninterrupted time every day for storytime, and make it a fun routine for the whole family.

Arts & Crafts Ideas





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