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StorySmith time with Aishah Sinclair: Nothing by Yasmeen Ismail

Whenever we ask our kid a question and they say "Nothing!", there's bound to be an air of hidden mischief they are DEFINITELY up to something! This book explores the imagination of a girl, Lila who goes off on an adventure that celebrates creativity and the beauty of child-like wonder. We got our StorySmith Aishah about what she thinks about this book!

What Aishah thinks...

It's a pleasant (young) children's book with nice illustrations that fill up the whole page making it nice to look at. The storyline is somewhat expected with a book for readers this age, but I especially like the ending where the grandfather joins in the main character's 'imagination journeys'. It reminds us adults to take time out, bring out the inner child and play with our children at their level.

I think this book is most suitable for...


How likely are you to recommend this book to friends and family? (6/10)

How would you describe this book?

Adventurous, Easy-to-Read, Heartwarming, and Whimsical.

What would you change about the book?

Nothing much actually (geddit!)

Rate this book by hearts (4/5)

A mummy to Soraya & Aina, Aishah juggles her life as a wife, actress, radio announcer on Mix FM Breakfast Show, TV host, and fitness enthusiast. She is also the spokesperson for Yayasan Anak Warisan Alam, a Malaysian non-profit organisation established to instil a love of the environment in youths.





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