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StorySmith Sophia Zulkifli shines a light for 'In The Darkness Of The Night' children's story book

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Creator Emily Rand takes you around town through the night, observing at all the sounds, noises and activities that happen while younglings are tucked up warm in their beds and getting ready to dream the night away.

What Sophia thinks...

I love that the book is beautifully illustrated. The pages are filled with activities that could be used as a topic of discussion among the family. My children especially loved peeking at each window. From their observations, we interacted and bonded over the kind of activities that were detailed on the pages.

Whom do you think this book is suitable for?

Book lovers of all ages!

How would you describe this book?

Educational, Exciting and Conversational.

Would you have changed anything about the book?

The children were craving for more colourful rhymes thus we would have loved more of such rhymes!

How likely are you to recommend this book to your friends?

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Illustrator Emily Rand shares about her creative thinking process

Raja Zarith Sophia is a mother of two to 6-year old Kyla Natasha and 2+ Kyle Iskandar. A self-starting entrepreneur who has co-run a range of businesses from nursing cover (Kyla Nat Cover @kylanatcover) to lunch box business (Lunch Lady Lee @aiolee.co), Sophia is currently pursuing her education in Early Childhood Education. She's motivated by her dream of one day having her own child care centre and believes that all children should have access to reading and be empowered with education.





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