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StorySmith Book Review by Kyle from Brand Stickman: The Adventures of Beekle by Dan Santat

This week we are highlighting Kyle, a master storyteller from Brand Stickman as our StorySmith to review the book "The Adventures of Beekle: the Unimaginary Friend" by Dan Santat from our Me Books Collection.

Storytellers to kids all around Malaysia, the experienced Brand Stickman team have told stories to over 100,000 kids, working together with brands like Bio-Home, Lego, Sony Pictures, and Chewies, amongst many others. For Halloween, they are collaborating with Atria Shopping Gallery for a weekend of spooky fun! Check them out on facebook and instagram here.

Let's see what Kyle has to say about the book!

What is StorySmiths?

We’ve learnt that many parents out there enjoy what reading or books can offer their family. But over time, picking the right book is a struggle or they may feel that their family’s storytelling experience can be better but don’t know how.

StorySmiths will help bridge the gap based on their own experience or speciality with one single aim - to help Malaysian parents with their storytelling journey. We selected a group of parents, educators and professionals who are children’s books aficionados, storytellers or just people who have a passion in bringing out the best in children and wanting the best for their well-being to review books in our Me Books Collection.

What Kyle thinks...

The illustration for the book is absolutely amazing. I specifically loved the illustrations of the park as well as the imaginary land. The writing for children is simple enough and understandable.

For adults like myself, it takes you back to a simpler times finding 'your' place in this world. It really speaks about the importance of having an imagination. Values such as friendship (though imaginary) speaks volumes and hope, hope that there's someone out there for you, hope that you're never really alone. I loved the awkwardness between the characters at first which really brought out the innocence of a child and how beautiful and unique a friendship can truly be.

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