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StorySmith Book Review by Daphne Iking: What Makes Your Body Work?

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

We got Daphne Iking, a television host, emcee and a mother of three to be a StorySmith for from the Me Books Collection, "What Makes Your Body Work".

What is StorySmiths?

We’ve learnt that there are many parents out there that enjoy what reading or books can offer their family. But over time, picking the right book is a struggle or they may feel that their family’s storytelling experience can be better but don’t know how.StorySmiths will help bridge the gap - to help Malaysian parents with their storytelling journey. We selected parents, storytellers and book aficionados who champion books and storytelling in children and thus, StorySmiths was born!

What Daphne thinks...

I liked it cause I LEARNT new info from it too! (Did you know that one of the most expensive perfume scents, Ambergris, is produced in the digestive system of a whale?) I even did the simple "Try it Yourself" easy experiments that came with it and my husband watched in amusement as I initially started to read it to our 6 year old, but eventually taking it to the office so I could (speed) read it for my own reading pleasure! Illustrations were clear and colourful, topics were comprehensive and clear; informative but fun trivia that made you want to continue reading till the very end. It's interactive and based on scientific info.

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Independant Young Readers, Book lovers of all ages!

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Entertaining, Humorous, Conversational, Educational, Exciting, Great for young adults who like super simple "Did you know" books

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