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StorySmith Book Review By Daphne Iking: The Knight Who Said "No"!

We got Daphne Iking, a television host, emcee and a mother of three to be a StorySmith for from the Me Books Collection, "The Knight Who Said No!". Mention the Sabahan beauty's name and more often that not, Malaysians will know this household name. She is the host to

What is StorySmiths?

We’ve learnt that there are many parents out there that enjoy what reading or books can offer their family. But over time, picking the right book is a struggle or they may feel that their family’s storytelling experience can be better but don’t know how.StorySmiths will help bridge the gap - to help Malaysian parents with their storytelling journey.

We selected parents, storytellers and book aficionados who champion books and storytelling in children and thus, StorySmiths was born!

Because I did not read the synopsis, when I first read the first few pages, I thought this was going to be about teaching a young boy how to say NO to inappropriate behaviour and/or bullying.

I think if I had to add anything, it would to explain how did Ned become so different overnight, or some indication as to why he was feeling all "off and hot and cross from top to toe" all of a sudden.

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