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StorySmith Book Review by Daphne Iking : Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Check out what our StorySmith Daphne Iking has to say about this book " Spagetti in a Hot Dog Bun" by Maria Dismondy.

What is StorySmiths?

We’ve learnt that many parents out there enjoy what reading or books can offer their family. But over time, picking the right book is a struggle or they may feel that their family’s storytelling experience can be better but don’t know how. StorySmiths will help bridge the gap based on their own experience or speciality with one single aim - to help Malaysian parents with their storytelling journey.

We selected a group of parents, educators and professionals who are children’s books aficionados, storytellers or just people who have a passion in bringing out the best in children and wanting the best for their well-being to review books in our Me Books Collection.

What Daphne thinks...

There are a 2 main themes in this book: One is on celebrating our differences and the second touches on bullying. I love how the book expands on Lucy's character - comfortable in her own skin and quirky ways, as well as taking the higher road and having the patience to be kind when she could have easily put her "bully" in his place. Easy read with lovely illustrations.

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I think this book is most suitable for...

Book lovers of all ages!, Toddlers, Independant Young Readers, Pre-schoolers

I would describe this book as...

Conversational, Inspiring, Humorous, Easy-to-Read, Heartwarming, Charming, Educational, Comforting, Entertaining, Empowering.

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