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Parenting And Motivating Our Children In The Midst Of Chaos With The Armour Of Virtues

Children are our future and it is imperative they get a head start in character building with Virtues as references

The " V " word. Have you talked about it lately?

What’s the " V " word? The word is virtues, of course. What were you thinking? So, what comes to mind when you hear the word? To me, virtues are the content of our character and they are the truest expression of ourselves.

Virtue is commonly defined as a trait or quality that is deemed to be morally good and is valued as a foundation of principle and good moral being. Personal virtues are characteristics valued as promoting collective and individual greatness.

Unlike values (that are culture-specific), virtues are universally valued in all cultures and faiths. Virtues are the qualities of the human spirit.

A strong core and foundation will help younglings steer their internal compass when it comes to decision-making

When we practice virtues daily, we improve our self-esteem dramatically, living a life of meaning and purpose and practicing virtues helps us to fulfill our dreams. Especially in times of uncertainties and chaos, a strong core character derived from practising virtues, will be the shield against varying hurdles or meltdowns.

It is about how we lead our lives and how to encourage our children to do the same. It is living up to our full potential. Imagine your home and the schools are the places where every young person are encourage to reach their full potential and honoured for their innate qualities (their virtues).

Virtues are like seeds. When we nourish the seeds of character by naming and affirming them to the child, when character of the child grows, the child blossom along. With that authentic self- esteem, the sky is the limit!

Parenting our children with the armour of virtues can indeed be victorious in the long haul

The virtues of Trust in our relationships foster reliability and intimacy, creating meaningful relationships.

Being Assertive is being confident in expressing our ideas, thoughts and stand for what is right.

To be Creative, is discovering our own special talents. Seeing things in new ways and finding

different ways to solve problems.

For Justice to be present in our lives, we need to see each person as they are and being champion of justice take courage. Sometimes when we stand for justice, we stand alone.

Patience is commitment to the future. Picturing the end in the beginning and persevere to meet your goals.

Me Books is committed towards empowering guardians and parents for their great effort in nurturing the next generation of storytellers. The next parenting-themed workshop will be conducted at Me Books MidValley SouthKey Johor with Licensed Psychological Counsellor, Engelina Daniel, on Friday 9th August: Keeping Kids Motivated at 11AM to 12:30PM. The same workshop is also available at Me Books Sunway Citrine Hub on 10th August at the same time for RM35 (includes a complimentary RM15 Nooks Voucher). Call +6012 654 8531 or email hello@mebooks.asia to register today.

Article contributor Gladys Tan from virtuesmentoring@gmail.com is a mother of three and served many families during her flying days. In 2006, she attended The Virtues Project™ and today is a recognised facilitator of the programme for over 10 years whilst traveling between Penang and Singapore to empower more parents and teachers. She is currently developing a new program called "connect - balance - integrate series" and conducts V-talks.





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