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Meet Our New Books... and the Me Books Family!

In conjunction with our New Arrivals this August, get to know some of the friendly faces of the Me Books family, and meet their new favourite books!

Firah's Pick: Not Quite Narwhal

by Jessie Sima

What Firah thinks...

Every page of Not Quite Narwhal is an absolute delight. The light-hearted humour in Sima’s writing is brought to life by her adorable pastel-coloured animals, both underwater and on land. The gorgeous illustrations are very much nature-focused and are a good way to visually introduce little ones to the world around them.
Not Quite Narwhal is a cute story about a unicorn who has always looked a little different, yet was never treated any differently from his family of narwhals with whom he grew up. The book explores themes of identity and belonging as readers follow a unicorn’s journey of self-discovery. I spent much of my formative years abroad, so I definitely relate to the feeling of being torn between two places of belonging. A lovely book all in all!

A little bit about Firah:

Having immersed herself in literature and copywriting, she's always been inspired by wondrous prose and imaginative ideas. A lover of all cuisines and all things caffeine.

Find Firah's pick here!


Chrystal's Pick: Imaginary Fred

by Eoin Colfer & Oliver Jeffers

What Chrystal thinks...

The first things that caught my eye were the clean, minimalist drawings and colours. I love that despite the visuals being so simple, the illustrations still stand out. As someone with an art background, I found the drawings to be a great source of inspiration and motivation for me to draw myself.
The book is about the imaginary friends kids have but soon forget once they have real friends. We focus on a boy and his imaginary friend, Fred, but Fred feels that he’s starting to fade as the boy starts getting close to someone in the real world. A story about priceless friendships, it’s something I can very much relate to, especially as an introvert. You don’t need a lot of friends; just the right ones. I found this book very cute and funny, and the fact that it’s easy to understand makes it perfect for everyone.

A little bit about Chrystal:

By day, she plays classical music to her pet plants and eats yogurt with granola. By night, she listens to hip-hop and pretends she’s a rapper.

Find Chrystal's pick here!


Su Ann's Pick: Nibbles the Dinosaur Guide

by Emma Yarlett

What Su Ann thinks...

Loving everything about this book - it’s witty and enjoyable for both adults and children. A fun way to learn about dinosaurs with the little mischievous monster named Nibbles. Great content, adorable illustrations, vivid colours, and fun little surprises throughout. Definitely a good choice for a roar-ing storytelling session. Would recommend this to anyone who isn’t a dinosaur hater.

A little bit about Su Ann:

She enjoys the company of dogs more than that of humans. Can’t afford a therapist so she draws, paints and exercises instead. Has a serious appreciation for good movies, music and spicy food.

Find Su Ann's pick here!


Jes's Pick: The Adventures of Beekle - The Unimaginary Friend

by Dan Santat

What Jes thinks...

It's about a marshmallow being brave and venturing out to the unimaginable world to find his friends. I love that the visuals are very captivating, and the minimal text allows the audience to admire every tone of the illustrations on every corner of the page. The story has a lot of ups and downs, but when you reach the end, it gives you that very warm feeling of acceptance. Everybody deserves to have good friends!

A little bit about Jes:

A quirky gal who loves video games and the horror genre of everything! Secretly a granny at heart who loves to spoil people with sweets and hugs.

Find Jes's pick here!


Debs's Pick: Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls

by Ben Brooks

What Debs thinks...

With the success of the book “Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls" comes a read dedicated to the wonderful boys out there. This book is perfect for all boys to get to know their real life soon-to-be superhero role model! With amazing illustrations by Quinton Winter, this page turner talks about 1000 men who challenged the status quo and made a difference in the world.
Among them are Jorge Muñoz who served over 100,000 meals to people in need, football legend Lionel Messi who stayed true to his football team Barcelona, and Nicholas Winton, who saved hundreds of children from the Holocaust in an operation later known as Czech Kindertransport. A must read for every boy growing up to be a man!

A little bit about Debs:

There are two things she loves: going on adventures and discovering good eats. You can also find her hogging the fiction aisle in a bookstore.

Find Debs's pick here!


Marcus's Pick: In the Darkness of the Night

by Emily Rand

An incredibly soothing and calming book, In the Darkness of the Night is without doubt my firm favourite. This book takes you on a gentle journey through the night until the break of day while you are comfortably tucked in bed.
With beautiful illustrations, this book introduces you to everything that happens in the darkness of the night - from the late train that rumbles by to the railway engineer fixing the tracks. Very subtly, this book instils the importance of “being” and not just “doing”. I think there is great value when we put ourselves in a state of silence and spend time just listening and being aware of the different people and situations around you.

A little about Marcus:

A child at heart, Marcus loves deep and insightful conversations but also enjoys reading stories and playing video games with his friends. A sports enthusiast, you can find him spending hours in the park playing volleyball with his sister.

Find Marcus's pick here!


Jui Wen's Pick: Nibbles - The Book Monster

by Emma Yarlett

What Jui Wen thinks...

Never thought I would enjoy a children book this much since I’m somewhat ‘grown up.’ This book is about a chewing monster a.k.a. Nibbles who escapes his cage and then crashes into other tales such as Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks.
Although Nibbles changes the storylines of these tales, Nibbles is just too adorable, and it is impossible for me to be mad at it. This book is really fun and interactive - definitely a book that both parents and children would enjoy reading together.

A little bit about Jui Wen:

He is someone who feels like there is a flaw in our education system and hopes to improve it in the future. And… um… he likes food.

Find Jui Wen's pick here!


Tomo's Pick: Do Not Lick This Book

by Idan Ben-Barak

What Tomo thinks...

The adorable microbe takes children on an imaginative adventure. The microbe called Min visits various places such as the teeth, fabric, and skin where microbes live. There, they even meet other microbes.
Lovely cartoon microbes and microscopic photography are well-combined in this interactive book. I’d like to recommend this book to children with an early interest in science. Can’t wait to read this to my 2-year-old son back in Japan.

A little bit about Tomo:

Originally from Japan, he is now living in Malaysia and is enjoying his life here. He wants to keep challenging himself and trying new things, like various Malaysian foods, which he’s been loving so far - including durian.

Find Tomo's pick here!


Adrian's Pick: We Wear Pants

by Katie Abey

What Adrian thinks...

I love this! I think it is such a fun and colourful book with a lot of humour. This book speaks about the animals wearing different kind of shirts, pants, shoes and even pyjamas. It also introduces different kinds of animals and simple words. It creates curiosity and improves knowledges of kids. It is especially suitable for kids aged 3 to 4.

A little bit about Adrian:

Loves to eat and travel. A movie junkie who enjoys movies with themes on actions, adventures and comedies, so he is the news reporter for the latest movies in theatre. Passionate about street dance and martial arts.

Find Adrian's pick here!

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