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#MeBookoftheMonth November 2018 - A Child of Books by Oliver Jeffers

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

“My dad was a very serious business person who deals with very serious business stuff. Recently he decided to accept a very big business proposal from a very large company that gave my dad a lot of money. He was very happy about his business, but not me. Because of this very serious business thingy he's rarely at home.”

- A little girl who misses her Big Business Dad

I remember as a child, the world was not as mundane and grey as I see it as an adult now. I remember looking at the world with rose-tinted glass, a world built on the foundation of limitless bambino imagination.

Woven together by a simple story line, Oliver Jeffers has attempted to poke at the long dormant capability to be imaginative within grown-ups. We have forgotten the adventures we had as a kid and now all we think about about are stock market booms or exponential growths in our portfolio.

What is this book about?

Woven together by a simple story line, a little girl invites a young boy to embark on an adventure into the world of stories, where with only a little imagination, anything can happen.

This book is illustrated with more than forty treasured children's classics and lullabies providing a tinge of reminiscence to the great literature exemplars of the past. It is a true retrospective recollection to the glory days of childhood.

We love it because...We would consider this to be Oliver Jeffer's Magnum Opus. The drawings in this book are absolutely stunning and sensational. The short story line is a true testament to the phrase 'Simple and Sweet', and it is enough for one to sit back and think about the wee years of their life.

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