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July 2018 Townhall: Unleashing Your Child’s Inner Superhero (Me Books x Havan)

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

On Saturday the 28th July 2018, we had our Townhall at our Me Books HQ and this time, in collaboration with Hany Cheng from Havan Clothing for an empowering workshop for both parents and kids!

Our July Townhall was all about empowering both parents and kids

For the breakout session with parents, Hany discussed about various ways to empower a child, the value of encouragement and appreciation, and how it impacts children.

Parents also got the chance to discuss openly and share about their parenting perspectives and thoughts, as well as get input and feedback from Hany.

Storytime featuring the book, "Even Superheroes Have Bad Days"

For the kids, they had a storytelling session featuring the book, “Even Superheroes Have Bad Days," and the storyteller of the day was Archana of Havan Clothing. This book is a great tool to teach kids mindfulness and about how to cope with their feelings or problems when they’re upset or sad.

While parents listened to the talk, kids got creative with their superhero portraits!

With guidance, they drew their own superhero portraits and by the end of it, had some time sharing their masterpieces and their artwork - plus, Archana even interpreted the portraits!


We always aspire for our Townhall events to bring the community closer, and this was no exception. Many parents got the chance to connect with old and new friends and the kids had a fun time unleashing their creativity!

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We want to specially thank Hany and Archana from Havan Clothing, and all parents and kids for coming and we hope everyone had a well-spent Saturday morning with us!

If you would like to collaborate with us for future Townhalls, drop us an e-mail at hello@mebooks.asia.





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