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#MebookoftheMonth October 2017 - Happy Dreamer by Peter H. Reynolds

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

‘I have so many dreams it can get messy. Creative Chaos. Cleaning up hides my treasures. If you make me, I will put my things away. But then there is less ME to show’ - Happy Dreamer, Peter H. Reynolds

Happy Dreamer by Peter H. Reynolds is October's #MebookoftheMonth. The idea for this book sparked during a conference that Peter attended at Harvard University, where successful CEOs shared their challenging journeys in their younger years, including suffering from ADHD. However, the panel host pointed out that their success was perhaps, attributed to ADHD. Peter thought for a moment ‘"I wish ADHD sounded like something you'd WANT to have!” and penned down,





He went home and wrote a poem, and ultimately named this book ‘Happy Dreamer’.

(Reference: Peek Inside the Mind of Peter H. Reynolds with his Latest Book Happy Dreamer!)

What is this book about?

Happy Dreamer challenges us to go beyond social norms - to believe in ourselves and to help us realise that there are many ways to find happiness. This book aims to empower and remind children that their dreams matter and while life has its ups and downs, it is important to listen to your heart.

We love it because...

Though this is a children’s book, we think that ultimately, it really is meant for book lovers of all ages!

We are reminded of what it is like to dream, through the innocent eyes of a child. It tells us that as parents, we should nurture and guide our children’s dreams and to encourage them to work hard to chase them.

As for the more mature readers or dreamers (this includes adults who are ‘children at heart’), in a world where materialism prevails and judgement is passed freely, we sometimes forget who we are. This book reminds us that it is okay to dream and despite the challenges that we face along the way, it is extremely important that we persevere and do our best. Because, win or lose, it is what we get out of the journey that matters most.





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