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4 Ways Football Can Benefit Your Child's Mind

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

Thursday, July 12, 2018

While many of us anxiously wait for the weekend to see which team brings home the World Cup, the team at Me Books Asia thought that it would be appropriate to join in the hype!

Photo: Football could be the answer to raising a future leader. (Credit: Freepik)

Football is a popular sport around the world. It brings people (the young and old) together, it ignites team spirit and, let’s admit it, it is just pure fun when you’re watching a game of football with family and friends.

As much as many relate the game of football to a sport that’s seen on telly, football is also a popular physical sport especially among children.

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Besides its physical demands and training, football is not only a way to keep your child physically healthy. It also has a series of mental health benefits that’s great for your child’s development on the field and off.

So, let’s kick-off the article with four benefits that will positively affect your child’s mind.

Kick-off benefit #1 – Confidence

From a pat on the back to a high-five with fellow teammates, these simple yet effective gestures can build your child’s self-esteem. Football also helps to improve your child’s strength and stamina which will help him feel better about his self-image. A healthy self-esteem is essential for all children to grow well in any environment.

Kick-off benefit #2 – Leadership

Being a part of team sports such as football is a great way to experience being in both spectrums of a team - a team player as well as a leader. Studies have shown that there is a positive link between leadership skills and participating in sports. It also teaches your child to understand others, be humble and work together as a team to try and win, not as an individual.

Kick-off benefit #3 – Concentration

Research has found that too much screen time (more than two hours a day) can threaten your child’s attention span. So, perhaps if screen time is a must, balancing your child’s schedule with a game of football could help with this. Football requires high levels of focus, critical thinking and good judgement. Hence, playing football regularly can be helpful.

Kick-off benefit #4 – Resilience

Just like any other sport, football is a game about winning and losing, but there will always be a winning end for your child even during the toughest games. Yes, with your guidance and help, the game of football will be a good opportunity for you to teach your child to be resilient. This will help your child to bounce back stronger after facing a challenge in life. There are many tools that can help you out, including reading books with a related theme to your child.

So, encourage your child to play football. Be it at your neighbourhood field or at school, this game will teach your child priceless skills that will prepare him or her when it’s time to “tackle a defender” or “score a goal” in life.





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