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Staff Favourite: How To Surprise A Dad

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

“Remember, of all the surprises, the best ones are the special ones you dream up just for your dad.”

- How To Surprise A Dad by Jean Reagan.

What Deborah thinks…

If there was a book that would have all the ideas in the world about how to surprise your dad, this book would be it!

Father’s Day may have just passed but it’s not too late to learn how to throw a surprise for dad or papa with this funny and heartwarming book. This will be perfect for his next birthday or you can even rehearse your surprise for next year’s Father’s Day (talk about being super duper early) ! 

What is it about?

A cheeky take on how to surprise dads with many fool-proof ideas, such as first hiding this very book so he won’t see it and you’re on your way to becoming a super dad surpriser! 

This book explores these highly essential topics:

#1 Treats and gifts that would be perfect for dad

#2 How to divert dad’s attention so he won’t suspect anything

#3 Practice, practice, practice: how to hide everyone, how to shout “Surprise!”

#4 Surprises for any day in different ways and special days like Father’s Day or when he comes home.

It’s one of the few children’s books celebrating fathers, reinforcing the imaginative mind and encouraging children to come up with fun things to do and play from simple objects. 

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I recommend this book for...

Have kids who love parties? How about that lil’ chump who loves saying surprise?

Superdads can read this book to their kids and have a good laugh together (but make sure he says the pledge at the back of the book first before reading). Moms can also read it with kids before surprising daddy for any occasion. 

With colourful detailed illustrations and laugh-out-loud texts, this would be a gem for both parents and children (especially fathers) to bond over during reading time! 

There are two things Deborah loves: going on adventures and discovering good eats. 

You will also find her hogging the fiction aisle in a bookstore.





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