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Fun Ways to Show Your Child Love (Father’s Day Edition)

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

This month, in conjunction with Father’s Day, we acknowledge the sacrifices working fathers have made.

Working fathers spend the majority of their day away from family but yet find time to spend what’s left of their day with loved ones.

When you feel like you’ve drained all your energy and you’ve got just enough to drag yourself to bed, yet you try your very best to make the most out of your time with your children.  That’s fatherly love.

Photo: Create priceless memories with your child.

Though, we understand that sometimes, it can be challenging to catch up with your child’s development.

In a blink of an eye, your one-year-old turns 10 and the next thing you know, he’s graduating from high school.

Every single minute is precious when you’re a parent. In just a day, you can experience new milestones, growth and achievements in your child’s life.

So, to help you maximise time and enjoy every second you have with your child, here are some fun, simple and effective ways to strengthen a father-child bond.

#1 Be in their world

Just when you walk into the house after a long day at work and you just want to relax, you hear, “Daddy! Come play with me!”

It may seem like a hassle and you’re tempted to say, “Daddy is tired, sweetheart” but hear this out…

Play is not just fun time for children. The values and skills children learn during playtime are so unique that no other individual (not even an older sibling) is able to replace your role.

Photo: Playtime can not only be a source of entertainment for your child, but it also helps with their development and growth.

 Plus, research has shown that playtime with mothers and fathers are different. When a child plays with daddy, it involves more physical activities, which is crucial for a child’s development.

Most importantly, as a child, nothing beats the joy and satisfaction of having your parent play with you. So, when your child nudges you to play with him, joining him would not only mean the world to him but you’re helping him grow too.

#2 Happy feet

The next time you’re heading to the neighbourhood playground or a friend’s house a few streets away, choose to walk instead of drive to the destination. Walking gives you the opportunity to slow down the pace of your life. Hence, giving you more time to spend with your child.

So, leave the car keys at home. Do not choose convenience over family time. Instead, put on those walking shoes and go on a father-child adventure. Experience and learn from the environment around you.

#3 Story time for two

In the past, reading was often seen as a ‘female activity’ but today, the tables have turned. Fathers are now reading to their children too and researchers from Harvard University in the United States of America have got some good news for those who do or would like to read to their child.

A study conducted by researchers in the university found that when men read stories to children, it sparked the child’s imagination better.

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Of course, we’re not saying to leave the reading to the men. Mothers too are encouraged to read to their child as the study found that the approach from men and women are different. It highlighted that mothers are most likely to ask factual questions during story time such as “What colour is the truck?” whereas fathers would go, “Oh look! It’s a blue truck like the one uncle Jim has!”

These different approaches are cognitively challenging, great for language development while strengthening a parent-child bond. 

Spending quality time with your child, time that money cannot buy, is an effective way of filling up your child’s love tank. Children look up greatly to their fathers. So, be that guiding star in your child’s life through simple but effective activities that creates priceless moments.

Last but not the least, Happy Father’s Day to all Superdads!





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