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Staff Favourite: Hush, Baby Ghostling

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

"Dear Baby Ghostling, you're tucked in nice and tight. I'll leave some darkness in the hall if you're scared of the light."

- Mama Ghost, Hush Baby Ghostling.

What Terry thinks...

This is an adorable book about a mother comforting her child during bedtime as sunrise draws near. Essentially, it's about a mother's love, which knows no bounds. This Mama Ghost is going to protect her little Ghostling from the human child that haunts their thoughts, no matter what.

As a kid, I had the guts of a hamster - literally petrified of anything that moves. As I grew up, I became more resilient to horror flicks and such. This book is rather nostalgic, as it makes us reminisce on the overlooked facets of emotional development we slowly shed as we grew up.

In defiance of that, the book emphasises the portrayal of a mother’s role to a child. No matter what we do in the distant days of the future, whether it's moving 3000 miles away for college, or only coming back during holidays, Mommy will always be the most prominent figure in a person’s life. And she'll always be there as our source of comfort.

What is this book about?

This book is a storytelling session between two ghosts, Mama Ghost and Baby Ghostling. Baby Ghostling is afraid of almost everything, which is pretty ironic for a ghost to be feeling that way.

Mama Ghost then reassures little Baby Ghostling that all of his worries and woes are superfluous. In all honesty, little Baby Ghostling’s jitters are rather comical and hilarious from the perspective of a human.

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I recommend this book for…

I recommend this book for mothers who are trying to form a stronger bond with their kid. The literacy level of this book would be suitable for kids aged 2-4. Dads might feel a bit left out, but one can always conceptualise and create a new character called Papa Ghostling in their intimate story-telling sessions!

Terry is a first year Law student, studying at Wellington, New Zealand. Currently interning in the marketing department at MeBooks Asia, he holds deep ardor for cyber security politics and international legal affairs. In his spare time, Terry is a fitness and music enthusiast. He can play 7 instruments, a jack of all trades, yet a master of none





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