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Staff Favourite: Can I Build Another Me?

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

“The harder I think about it, the more questions I come up with!”

- Kevin, Can I Build Another Me?

What Deborah thinks...

I think it's a hilarious book that would tickle anyone’s funny bone. Even from the front cover, there is a flair of quirky cheekiness in its illustrated detail that can only come from the imagination of the book’s author - which is sure to resonate with parents and children alike.

Each turn of a page is bound to strike a chord, celebrating the acknowledgement of an individual’s identity and stirring up conversations between the reader and their parents or educator as a point of reflection. 

And all left-handers rejoice, because this is a book that highlights the main character as a leftie! (Right-handers, let us celebrate just this once! It’s a beautiful rarity.)

What is it about?

This book revolves around Kevin, who decides to buy a robot to do everything he does not want to do - homework, chores and keeping clean, you get the drift. Kevin starts by giving a full biodata and even a body chart of himself, talking about likes and dislikes and even mentioning interesting facts like his ability to fit a whole orange in his mouth and not understanding girls! 

Just as the robot asks Kevin about what others think about him, he starts to ponder about this tricky question and comes up with equally as entertaining theories of people’s impressions about him. The book ends with a humorous plot twist, which got me reacting from a goofy smile to a roar of laughter!

I recommend this book for...

​Left-handers aside, it’s a book that sends a great message that everyone is unique in their own way. I recommend this book for children 6 and above, and it can also be incorporated in PSHE  (Personal, Social, Health and Economic) lessons in key stage one and two.

There are two things Deborah loves: going on adventures and discovering good eats. You will also find her hogging the fiction aisle in a bookstore.





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