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Are You Unknowingly Raising a Bully?

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

Monday, March 5, 2018

All parents aim to raise an independent child, one that will thrive, be brave enough to take up challenges and stand up for him or herself.

Let’s be honest, no parent will ever aim to “raise a bully” in his or her right mind.

Photo: Are we unknowingly raising a little bully?

However, despite your best parenting efforts, sometimes children still result to being intimidating and resentful towards others.

Gone are the days where bullies were stereotypically pictured as boys with a rather large built. Today, we know that

 bullies come in all shapes and sizes.

As a matter of fact, bullying is not just limited to physical intimidation any longer. Bullies are now behind the screens too.

Yes, with technology being more accessible, it has opened the door for bullies to emotionally and mentally torment victims at any hour of the day through the power of the keyboard.

With all these possible platforms of bullying, how do you make sure that you raise a loving child instead of a bully?

Here are some tips that will help you raise a child that treats others with love and kindness.

#1: Monkey see, monkey do

Being a leader by example shouldn’t be limited to just at your workplace but at home too. Children learn quickly and they learn from the best, which is you.

So, be loving and not a bully. Show love and affection to your spouse and children and stop calling people names, just like how you would like your child to behave.

Display a positive behaviour at home, show your child how it is to be loving and caring to others and they will show the same to others too.

#2: Waiting is dangerous

Bullying does not have an age limit and it can start young. If you find your child acting like a bully (physically or in the cyberworld), do not wait to see if ‘it’s just a phase’ or till the situation worsens.

Take immediate action and put an end to your child’s unhealthy behaviour.  Emphasise to your child that bullying is not the right way to cope with his or her emotions. Find out why you child is acting in such a way and help your child to cope with it the right way.

You could also speak to your child’s teacher to work with you in correcting your child’s behaviour and seeking advice from a child psychologist can help you and your child deal with the situation too.

#3: Teach positive values

Nurture your child and instill positive values in them from a young age. Children learn and develop very quickly. Hence, it is never too early to shape your child’s basic foundation of good values and behaviour.

The best way for children to learn is to have fun. From art and craft, dance, reading to music, there are many platforms for you and your child to explore. These platforms can also serve as an outlet for your child’s emotions.

Children’s books for instance, hold stories of wonderful life values in its pages. Hence, making story time not only exciting but with a purpose too.

Together, let’s responsibly raise a generation of caring individuals and stop bullying.

Photo: Start them young. Teach them good values to curb bullying





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