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How to Make Your iPad and iPhone Safer for the Little Ones - Part 1: Restricted Access

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

Friday, March 2, 2018

It was reported that as of May last year, Amazon has refunded up to $70M for in-app purchases made by kids. We hear horror stories of unfortunate and unauthorised purchases on the app store by our little ones at home. Furthermore, there are bound to be occasions where we would want to prevent our children from accessing certain websites or apps. Imagine an instance in which your kid sent unwanted or embarrassing messages or photos to your clients, co-workers or even your boss! To prevent this from happening to your family here's a lists simple life hacks below.

Photo: Children and their devices can be inseparable. We may not always be with them when they're using these devices. How can we protect both, ourselves and our children.

Restricted Access

Restricted Access gives you parental control on which features or apps that your child can access. 

Step 1:  Go to Settings app > tap on General > tap on Restrictions

Step 2: Click Enable Restrictions, and this is when you set your passcode. This Passcode is going to be different from your iPad or iPhone passcode, please do not share this passcode with your child.

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After enabling Restrictions, you can disable some certain apps and features. It would then be impossible for your child to access them until Restrictions is disabled.

Camera: To stop your child from taking excessive amount of selfies

Installing Apps: Prevents your child from installing any unwanted apps

Deleting Apps: Prevents your child from deleting any unwanted apps

In-App Purchases: Prevents your child from making in-app purchases.

Allowed Content modifications

As you scroll down, you will find the 'Allowed Content' list.

Allowed Content enables you to filter out applications that your kids will have access to based on several facets (e.g. age ratings, adult content, explicit language).

This would be particular helpful if you're open to your child accessing a wider variety of apps or content available. For example, clicking on App will allow you to select the app rating according to age. 

Privacy modifications

Further down is another list labelled as Privacy. This allows you to restrict applications from having access to information within your iPad.

Location Services: Disable apps from detecting your location.

Photos: Disable apps from having access to your photos.

Contacts: Disable apps from having access to your contacts.

Specific Websites: This allows you to personally limit what websites what your child has access to.

When your child is done using the iPad, you can disable Restrictions and all settings will be reverted back to normal. Restrictions are disabled when the switch turns grey. 


You have now created a much safer environment for your child when using the iPad or iPhone. Stay tuned for more handy tips and tricks.





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