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Arts & Crafts by Me Books Asia: DIY Egg Pegs

Friday, February 23, 2018

Finger puppets are super easy and inexpensive to make.

Have your little ones put on a grand puppet show for the family afterwards. It really gets the their creative juices churning! It makes for a great time time filler too, especially as it is holiday season. 

If you've never tried making finger puppets, now's the time! 

Materials Needed

  • Clothes Pegs

  • Paper

  • Painting Supplies

  • Double-sided Tape

  • Scissors

How to make your adorable hatching eggs for storytelling?

Step 1:

Draw an egg with a cracked shell in the middle.

Step 2:

Draw a little bird that is smaller than the egg. 

Step 3:

When you're happy with your sketches, paint them in your favourite colours.

Step 4:

Leave them to dry and then cut them out, making sure to cut the eggs into half following the crack.

Step 5:

Lastly, attach your little cutouts onto clothes pegs with the help of some double-sided tape.

Voila! There you have a super cute and versatile storytelling prop to play with.





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