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3 Life Lessons to Learn from Children’s Books

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

Monday, February 5, 2018

There is more than meets the pages when it comes to storybooks for children.

Children’s books are often seen as a learning tool to teach your little one the ‘basics’ such as language skills, colours, shapes and numbers. 

However, as you read through the captivating stories and colourful illustrations, you’ll find that children’s books have more than just that to give.

They are full of wisdom. They contain life lessons that can change the way your child sees the world.

Although simple, these are lessons that will leave a lifelong impact and can be applied at any stage of the human life.

So, come along now! Let’s hop on the train and go on adventure, as we travel through 3 amazing storybooks that will shape your child’s imagination and aspirations.

All aboard!

Station No. 1

Touch The Earth by Julian Lennon & Bart Davis

Lesson: Play your part in preserving Mother Nature and you will make the world a better place to live in.

Get involved in saving planet Earth!

Fly North, South, East and West on the White Feather Flier to bring clean water to people and marine life on different parts of the planet.

During your journey, you’ll learn important facts about pollution, sanitation and filtration. Be sure to take note of them!

Once you’ve completed your task, you’ll see that this responsible role has created a better place to live in for all living creatures and mankind.

Station No. 2

The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas

Lesson: Identify your feelings and you’ll feel better as you learn to cope with them in life.

Learning to deal with emotions is part of growing up and it’s important to know how to.

In this book, the colour monster is a mess because his feelings are all mixed and knotted up inside. So, a girl helps him to identify and separate them.

She teaches him how it feels to be calm, happy, angry, sad, fearful and loving.

Although there are so many different emotions being felt at the same time, once, they’re separated; the colour monster starts to feel much better.

Just like the girl, this book will help you journey with your child to understand his or her feelings. 

This will encourage your child to open up about his or her emotions, which also gives you the opportunity to help him or her cope with them.

Station No. 3

The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds

Lesson: Be creative, dream big and believe in yourself.

The Dot is an inspiring book about creativity and learning to believe in yourself. It also highlights the importance of being positive and encouraging when nurturing young ones.

In The Dot, Vashti is seen struggling in art class but her teacher encouraged her to try. So, she ‘made her mark’, a dot, and that sparked her imagination!

Vashti gradually gained her confidence and had her artwork exhibited.

At her art exhibition, she meets a boy who was just like her. So in turn, Vashti chose to be encouraging and inspired the little boy to ‘make his mark’.

This heartfelt story is also a paradigm of something amazing that can happen with positive encouragement, creativity and the freedom to be yourself.

Unfortunately, this trip has come to an end. However, passing through these three “stations” marks just the beginning of an exciting adventure for you and your child.

May your journey through engaging, captivating and beautifully illustrated children’s books never end!





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