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Arts & Crafts by Me Books Asia: DIY Fairy House

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

One our new arrivals, Lunette, The True Story of the Tooth Fairy inspired today’s Arts & Crafts post. 

Fairy tales will always be a huge part of our little ones' childhood! With this, you and your little one can make a magical, one-of-a-kind house that any fairy will love to come home to. Let your imagination sparkle as you decorate it with flair!

As well as being a great way to stimulate their creativity and imagination, making a fairy house teaches children about recycling; so many of the materials used here are things we already have at home that are probably going into the bin. 

Materials Needed

  • scissor & cutter

  • old magazines/ newspaper

  • craft strings

  • LED candles

  • cylindrical container

  • tissue paper

  • cardboard box

  • PVA glue

  • painting supplies

  • tape

  • pliers

  • hot glue gun

  • craft wire

How to make your fairy house of dreams?

Close your eyes and imagine your fairy house...

Step 1:

Take a cardboard. Draw a larger base for the land and a small circle as a base for your fairy house.

Step 2:

Cut both shapes out, crumple up old magazines and secure them to the cardboard base with tape.

Step 3:

Cut a cylindrical container horizontally, making sure that it's 8cm tall.

Step 4:

Draw on some doors and windows and cut them out.

Step 5:

Attach your fairy house together with some tape.

Step 6:

Take some craft wire and bend it into a picture holder.

Step 7:

Attach your fairy house and craft wire to the larger base with hot glue gun.

Step 8:

Tear tissues into small pieces and create a layer of paper mache with PVA Glue.

Step 9:

When the paper mache fully dries, it's time to add colour to your fairy house! 

And there you have it - the most enchanting fairy house that truly represents you! 





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