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Children's Book Review - Midnight Creatures: A Pop-Up Shadow Search by Helen Friel

Thursday, October 5, 2017-Reviewed by Vivian Ong, Marvellous Mother

What Vivian thinks...

My children were excited to dive into this gorgeous shadow pop-up book, simply because it was the first time they've seen anything like it. "We get to read in the dark and play with shadows?" Score!

Midnight Creatures is not merely about pop-ups but a search and find activity with a torch light. Be amazed with the double paged intricate but sturdy cut outs that feature a different location, such as a cave, the woodlands and the deep ocean.

While the kids had fun scrambling around trying to outdo each other to find the hidden animals projected on the wall, I liked how they could learn and discover fun facts about each animal in their natural habitat.

This is definitely one book I see my kids wanting to open again and again.

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