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Golden Time With Authoress Sugeetha Raghupathy and her inaugural book 'The Awesome Girl'

About Authoress: Sugeetha Raghupathy

Sugeetha loves books and writing a children’s story was always on her bucket list of awesome things to pursue. This finally happened when she put her love for words on paper with her first children’s story – 'The Awesome Girl', an adventurous tale about a girl trapped in a magical forest by a naughty Goblin. When Sugeetha is not stringing words into stories, she loves reading books to her 4-year old son, while they also play pretend and make-believe. She’s a strong advocate that desserts are very important, and her husband is often forced to eat cake with her. She’s also a mum to a 11-year old fur baby affectionately named ‘Google’. Other items on her bucket list includes travelling to new places and learning how to make a good cup of coffee!

The Inspiration Behind ‘The Awesome Girl’ Story

The Awesome Girl is Sugeetha's first written children’s picture book. It’s an adventurous story about a girl trapped in a magical forest by a naughty Goblin. She goes on an exciting journey through an enchanted forest trail to overcome the Goblin's wicked spell and find her way home once again. Along her journey, she meets different characters, where positive teachings and behaviours are demonstrated. It's truly a wondrous journey of courage, adventure and discovery! Not forgetting, like any great storyline, there is also a twist at the end!

It was always one of Sugeetha's dreams to write a children’s story book. She finally had the opportunity to do so while in between jobs. After working for more than 18 years, Sugeetha decided to take a 6 months break before starting a new position. Taking time off to do a passion project was something Sugeetha always dreamt of doing and it was indeed rewarding with the materialisation of 'The Awesome Girl'. 

The big idea was to write a fun book that not only told a story, but one that would also inspire little girls to be awesome. Stories are wonderful, and stories that inspire are even greater. Girls from a very young age should be motivated positively. They should be told how awesome they are and that they can achieve anything. At the same time, the books also teaches them to be kind, resilient and bold.  

"I initially wrote The Awesome Girl book as a poem. A friend helped to show my initial poem to parents, and there was a lot of feedback given. Although they found the poem sweet, parents wanted a story, not poems, and they wanted an exciting adventure, while at the same time having important lessons in the book to teach their girls. I took their feedback to heart and sticking to the essence of my first version about a girl being brave, kind and simply awesome, a complete rewrite happened. Parents are encouraged to read the book together with their daughters and not only will their daughters learn to be awesome individuals, the whole journey will also strengthen the bond between parents and their daughters."

The Illustration Behind ‘The Awesome Girl'

Sugeetha also wanted to be involved in the illustrations as she wanted to be a part of the whole process in creating the book. That’s how Sugeetha’s elephant is purple unlike the normative grey bland ones! She worked alongside an amazing illustrator, Shazana Rosli, whom she credits was the master artist that truly brought the book to life with her colourful illustrations. 

The Future And Beyond

When asked what was Sugeetha's next milestone, she shared: 

"There is also a reason why I never named the girl in the story as there was a future plan to create an Augmented Reality (AR) interactivity app that will unlock who the Awesome Girl is - the name of the girl who is reading the book! However, this will be a pet project for another time. I am also looking to write a book for the boys too, for example 'The Awesome Boy’ for boys near and far discovering their true potential and purpose."

Get to know how the story starts, peaks and twists this Saturday, 3rd August at 10:30AM. Come by to CzipLee Bangsar (Jalan Telawi 3) for a storytelling session of 'The Awesome Girl' with Arts and Crafts led by Authoress Sugeetha Raghupathy herself! Call +60126548531 or email hello@mebooks.asia to register today for the RM50 storytelling time.





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