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Get to know Mother Earth in Hello, Bugs! with StorySmith Sarah Khoo

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

This is a wonderful introduction to beautiful bugs of the world, illustrated in high-contrast, black-and-white patterns and a glittering burst of colour at every flip. With first words and make-belief animal noises to story tell with, this educational read will captivate sparkly little babies near and afar!

What Sarah thinks...

I love how the colours of 'Hello, Bugs!' and its shiny-part pops out from the bugs. This makes it a lot easier for my son to identify the bug and although he gets distracted really fast, I've noticed, every single time I flipped to the next page, his eyes would immediately focus back to the next bug being introduced.

I think this book is most suitable for...


How would you describe this book?

Entertaining and Educational.

Would you have changed anything about the book?

If the book itself or Me Books Plus App audiobook version could produce bug sounds, that would be a real winner since babies as we know enjoy learning from sounds/audio!

How likely are you to recommend this book to your friends?

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Sarah Khoo has a full-time job and does much writing but her favourite job in the world is being a mom to her toddler, Alex. She's counting down to the days he would walk soon and inspire others from the books she story tells and reads to him. Get to know more about Sarah and her precious family at http://www.sarahkhooyw.com





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