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Free resources that benefits children during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Keeping active children in the house may be tricking during times like these

These are real pressing times for parents with school-going children ever since governments have shut down schools and learning institutions with the escalation of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Although children are within sight, safe and sound in their homes, parents around the world are worried about their children’s education, Malaysia parents are not excluded after the recent restricted movement order declared by the Prime Minister.

It feels as though we are in it for the long haul especially with struggling parents who are trying to ensure that their children are engaged with activities that will stimulate their learning while at the same time completing work tasks and trying to sound like they have it all together in conference calls with their team. Parents, we know exactly how you feel and the struggle is real too but hey before you go into a frenzy research mode to find learning stuff for your children. We already came up with a top-5 list of free educational online resources just for you. Chill, Mommies and Daddies, we got your back!

Here are our top five FREE educational online resources:

1. Boreal Tales

Boreal Tales is a literary and artistic creation platform designed to motivate school students to write. Aimed at Grades 1-8, Boreal Tales also allows Moms and Dads to track their children’s progress and give specific, personalized feedback. An awesome way to get your children to explore creative writing. Boreal Tales have extended their free trial to 90 days and plan to extend it through the end of the school year if the school closures are ongoing. Kudos, we say!

2. PBS Kids

PBS Kids is an educational media brand for children from the U.S that offers online crafts and experiments, colouring printables as well as game apps that cater to ages 2-8. Children can also enjoy their favourite shows like Dr Seuss’s Cat in The Hat, Curious George and Clifford the Big Red Dog to name a few.

3. Audible

Audible, the audiobook app has launched Audible Stories for children and teenagers for as long as schools are closed during the pandemic. Children can instantly stream stories including titles across six different languages. Stream to listen stories at https://stories.audible.com/start-listen

4. Storytime with Uncle Joe & Aunty Faridah

Join our Malaysian theatre stalwarts Joe Hasham and Faridah Merican in their storytime session. The couple's affectionate tone and storytelling performance did not only fascinated the lil' ones but also the parents who were watching. Catch Uncle Joe and Aunty Faridah tell another story very soon on the KLPAC's Facebook page!

5. Read Free e-Books from the National Library

The National Library of Malaysia

The National Library's myriad e-books will make many heads turn with 13.2 million digital reading resources, readers are spoiled for choice. Get your children started reading today by visiting their website here!

Another way to get your children learning, collaborating and expressing themselves creatively is to get them into storytelling. Storytelling is a wonderful way to get children to share their thoughts and ideas as well as strengthen emotional bonds with their family members. You know just the way we were once upon a time ago when we used to tell stories to our parents.

Treat your little one to over 300 interactive audio books!

Me Books, a homegrown children publishing company aims to cultivate storytellers with their Me Books Plus App where children get to explore a library of interactive audiobooks from local and international publishers. The most wonderful thing about the audiobooks is their interactive features that encourage collaborative storytelling. Children can draw and record voices and sound effects adding another layer to the immersion of stories. For those creative kids, they will be recording sounds that they could find around them and recreate a new version of stories. The stories also come with a storytelling guide where parents can download art and craft activities to do at home with their child.

In doing their part to ensure a library at every little one's fingertip, Me Books will be providing 3 months free access to their interactive audiobook to over 20,000 families until 31st of May. Me Books believes that storytelling is crucial for children like yours and to share the love of books with everyone out there. Redeem the code "MBMYCOSAFE2020" here!

Starting from today, make up for the activities that you’ve always wanted to do with your little one at home, be it baking together or even reading a book. Let’s focus on keeping our family healthy by eating a well-balanced diet, maintaining good hygiene and adding on supplements to boost our immunity while we remain safely indoors. And a reminder to our lil' ones, don’t forget to wash your hands before storytime!

Find out more about this campaign here.





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