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Fight off the urge of greed and more in Extra Yarn with StorySmith Staphanie Mun Chen

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Look no further when intending to story tell a narration that covers a variety of themes from the effects of jealousy, greed, resisting convention, caring for community, generosity and the value of kindness in Extra Yarn.

What Staphanie thinks...

Jon Klassen's illustrations combined with Mac Barnett's addition of gentle humour results in a timeless story that will be in an instant classic. 'Extra Yarn' is a heartwarming story of how a young girl and her box of magical yarn transform a community. A gray town becomes colourful with the help of a box of yarn and a little girl named Annabelle. She seems to never run out of yarn as she knits clothing for everyone – beautifully fashioned coloured clothing that brings warmth to people, animals, and objects, as well.

Enter the greedy archduke who tries to steal the yarn box for himself. This book touches a few values, from the effects of jealousy, resisting convention, caring for community, generosity, to kindness. All of which I find wonderful to address and remedy with young children. I personally find it interesting to see how many specific learning opportunities can be directly inspired from the pages of a well-written children’s book in the likes of Extra Yarn.

Whom do you think this book is suitable for?

Toddlers, Pre-schoolers, Independent Young Readers, even Book Lovers of all ages.

How would you describe this book?

Heartwarming, Inspiring, Entertaining and Empowering.

Would you have changed anything about the book?

It's good as it is (albeit an audiobook version on the Me Books Plus App) would be welcomed.

How likely are you to recommend this book to your friends?

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Backstage Story with Mac Barnett on the creation of 'Extra Yarn'

Staphanie is a mother to 3 beautiful children. A true 'Renaissance woman', Staphanie Mun Chen is a pharmacist, certified Personal Trainer, Founder of 'At The Barre Lifestyle' fitness studio @atthebarrelifestyle, a home educator and a true believer of a joyful life. Some of her favourite things to do with her children are walking barefoot in the garden and lying on the couch with a good book. Her passion is raising well rounded children for the next generation, that are not only head smart, but with good character.





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