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Discover Babies Around The World with StorySmith Alyn!

Kickstart your world adventure with your little one with this book, Babies Around the World by Puck that takes you around the world visiting different babies — great for any mini global citizen!

What Alyn thinks...

The illustrations of the different cities were visually appealing. A great way to introduce greetings to an infant or toddler and indirectly helps parents instil good manners at a young age.

How would you describe this book?

Educational and Conversational.

Would you have changed anything about the book?

Could have used a pronunciation guide :)

How likely are you to recommend this book to your friends?

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A mother of one, full-time educator at Ace Edventure Group and founder / illustrator for Pertikula. Strives to instill the love for nature in her students as well as her daughter, Ayla.





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