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Being Curious To Fold A Flap With StorySmith Ramona Zamzam

Philip Giordano Fold-a-Flap series is an excellent way to learn shapes thanks in large part to its unique design. Each shape is depicted in bold colours and simple lines, and then you lift the flap and you discover that the shape is part of a larger object!

What Ramona thinks...

The fold-a-flap part is my favourite bits of the book. It keeps my baby curious and busy as she always wants to flip and fold the pages all by herself.

Whom do you think this book is suitable for?

Toddlers and Pre-schoolers.

How would you describe this book?

Exciting, Adventurous, Educational and Easy-To-Read

Would you have changed anything about the book?

Just because my baby is now 1 year and a half, she does not understand how to hold a book gently yet. Perhaps, change the fold-a-flap part to a harder paper as well so that it won't be that easy to tear. Tho' the book is still fine with me so far!

How likely are you to recommend this book to your friends?

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Walkthrough the 'Fold-A-Flap : Shapes' book

Malaysian Ramona Zamzam is a working mama who does acting, modelling and hosting. Her mixed ancestral lineage hails as far as Pakistan, Germany and Thailand. She was born in Bukit Mertajam, Penang and grew up in Ipoh, Perak. Her film works include 'KL Special Force, Hospital, Jengka' and more. In 2017, she gave birth to her daughter, Ivanna Alashkar. Ramona enjoys using books to keep her baby busy. Thus far, her Mini-Me loves books and that makes Ramona the happiest mom!





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