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Azura Zainal will shine her Disney magic and more on Saturday 5th October with Me Books

Fun Facts About Azura Zainal

Born on 22nd February 1981 in Kuala Lumpur, Azura loves to sing and dance. At times, she loves taking a long drive to all kinds of places to unwind. Everyone who grew up in the late 90’s and early 2000 would definitely remember her on Disney Channel Asia. She is the kind of person who will make you feel comfortable the very first time you meet her. She is such a bubbly and friendly person but admits she can be the total opposite if you pushed the wrong buttons. Azura also loves the outdoors and anything that challenges her so if you want to do things that are spontaneous and extreme then Azura is the person you go to. She is so random at times and is cool with that.

Azura with her husband: Cristiano Genuino da Silva

Working woman, wife, daughter and mother

Azura now is known as a travel and adventure TV host. From mountain climbing, river rafting, 4x4 challenge to scuba diving, she takes on any challenges that come her way. She has been hosting a travelogue programme called X-plorasi with TV1 for 14 years and is still going strong at keeping its audience well informed. Her TV presence keeps the fans longing for more with shows like “Langit dan Bumi” and “13 Hari “which will be following its 4th season soon, just to name a few. In 2019, Azura wrapped three new shows for RTM, “Cabaran Jurutera Muda”, “Ethnic Food Hunting” and “Bravo Bellas”. Besides being in front of the camera, Azura also was behind the mic on RED FM for a good four years on a show called “The Red Fix”. She also went on to broadcast with EFM, an online Entrepreneur/Business radio show called “Starting Up With Azura”.

Azura thoroughly enjoyed the magic of Disney Channel Asia

Long repertoire of works and talents

Performing is in Azura’s blood. She has acted in a number of dramas both in the English and Malay languages. In 2011, Azura was selected as one of the lead role for a stage show, "Broadway : Dreamgirls The Musical", which saw Azura did 3-things-in-1, acting, singing and dancing. Other achievements for Azura in acting was playing a lead role in a Malaysian made movie called Temuan Takdir in 2016, a movie that has won 7 awards Internationally in 2017 (thus far). In February 2017, Azura was awarded by SEGi University & College for being a role model in her industry for students pursuing their Mass Communication studies.

Besides all that, Azura has achieved quite a bit in her lifetime as an entertainer for 20 years. Her talent doesn’t only stay at one particular thing but whatever it is that she is focussed on, it becomes gold. She was nominated twice as Best Light Entertainment Presenter/Performer at the Asian Television Awards in 2002 and 2004. She even has a book out, “Azura Zainal’s Guide to TV & Radio Hosting”. You can call or describe Azura as the TV Host, Radio Announcer, Emcee, Stage Actor, Singer and a Movie Star, but to many, she is the laid-back, funny, fun-loving and talented Azura Zainal.

Azura Zainal will be at CzipLee Bangsar on Saturday, 5th of October to read aloud and story tell to children. The Storytelling session will be followed by Arts and Crafts and will kick-off from 10:30AM till 12:00PM. All children from as young as 4 years old are welcomed to join. The workshop is RM45 and all paid participants will receive a complimentary RM15 Nooks voucher. Tickets can be purchased at the store or online.





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