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Two women and their legacy in the likes of Walt Disney

Inspiring younglings through storytelling with artistic STEAM educational boxes from Atom & The Dot now available at Me Books Nooks.

Atom & The Dot learning box is filled with materials and instructions for arts and science inspired activities and experiments

Get to know about Atom & The Dot

Atom & The Dot is the creators of the inaugural hands-on subscription boxes in Malaysia. STEAM education is on the top agenda with all governments pledging more funds to nurture the need for more integrated learning in effort to solve tomorrow’s challenges. Tapping onto this rising need and gap in the market, Atom & The Dot champions STEAM learning through play movements. It advocates artistic scientific educational boxes and curates hands-on activities to be the ultimate fun and convenient learning tool for parents, educators, guardians and younglings.

Learning through play whilst being entertained with educational artistic scientific Playbooks

What’s in a name or brand one may ask

Everything! From one’s destiny to infinity. The Atom & The Dot brand name was inspired by the belief that Science and Art can be fused together for impactful learning. As starters, The Atom symbolises the building block for science while The Dot is the building block for art. Most of the time, many do classify these as distinct subjects and tend to lean in towards sciences in part to the higher wages. At other parts of the world though, in the likes of Nordic countries (where IKEA hails from), educators are starting to recognise and put more tender loving care on the importance of art advocacy to develop wholesome future leaders and on-going curious learners. In the critical times of modern living, tomorrow’s challenges will differ from the beasts encountered today and with the merciless advancement of technology and ingenuity innovation, the opportunity to optimise both left and right brain could do more good than harm.

Every child isn’t inclined to grow up to become a scientist, engineer, or designer, but it’s important every child grows up knowing how to think like one

The muscles and brains behind Atom & The Dot

The hands that rock the cradle rules the world. Talented and female entrepreneurs Teo Jin Hui and Sheena Moh are the master minds behind it all. The company of two along with freelance crew along the way, set out on an inspiring mission to make learning as fun as play! Lifelong friends and partners in noble educational crimes, both wanted to contribute in nurturing the next generation of thought leaders through their insightful, factual yet whimsical Scientific Playbooks. Adding on more layers of fun and gamification, Atom & The Dot curates hands-on activities, neatly tucked into a single crate box and vouch ultimate fun and convenience for parents, educators, guardians and the children. The big hairy audacious goal for these leading women within the region if not the world (next!) is to encourage curiosity and promote discovery in little humans everywhere with their artistic scientific educational boxes.

Atom & The Dot will be visiting Me Books Nooks at Cziplee Bangsar to conduct a series of kids workshop this upcoming 14 June (Friday)

The Robot Tester Workshop For Kids

This #FathersDay month, come by to find out what items are conductors and insulators with Atom & The Dot robot tester! At this 90 minutes workshop, young learners will learn STEAM concepts through the wonders of storytelling and will have a fun-filled box each to get them going in making a paper circuit robot tester. This robot tester will then be the main conduit to test different objects. If it lights up, it’s a conductor, or wait, is it an insulator? To find out which is what, come by to the not-to-be-missed 14 June (Friday) workshop as the Me Books Nooks family host you together with the educators from Atom & The Dot.

Purchase your tickets today via Event Brite and be entitled to complimentary Me Books Voucher worth RM 25. The workshop is ideally for children whom are 6 years old and above albeit all young minds are most welcomed as the educators are excited to interact with more than less.

To find out more about Me Books Asia upcoming workshop lineups just browse here. Drop Me Books Asia a note at hello@mebooks.asia to receive on-going workshop buzz and the juiciest news to share: Atom & The Dot artistic scientific educational boxes are now available at Me Books Nooks and more workshops have been confirmed.  





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