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A Momentous Year: Celebrating 61 Years of Malaya's Independence

Updated: Sep 3, 2018

31st August 2018 marks 61 years of one of Malaysia’s most celebrated days in history, when the Federation of Malaya's independence from the British was declared. Not to be mistaken with Malaysia Day on the 16th of September, where we have an even bigger celebration with our fellow Malaysians in the East, we see young and old coming together to celebrate in camaraderie of our country’s milestone and Malaysians love to celebrate everything and anything!

Even more uniquely momentous is the fact that since 1957, this is the first year we are under the administration of a new government, six decades after being under the same coalition. The theme for this year’s Independence Day is “Love Our Malaysia” or “Sayangi Malaysiaku”, and we have sought out Malaysian parents to ask them a few questions about our country and what the future entails for the next generation.

  1. What does this year’s Independence Day theme “Love Our Malaysia” mean to you?

  2. What do you envision and hope for your children in the years to come in Malaysia?

Zarin,Tiya, and their kids; Nuri and Ziqq (in the stroller)

Zarin, a doting father.

  1. "It means that we should love our country through good and bad times, and to not ever lose hope. We should love the different races and cultures that make Malaysia truly unique."

  2. "For a country free of crime, racism and corruption. And for a better education system that champions individuality and uniqueness that every child is gifted with."

Emily and her daughter Thea

Emily, a book loving and dedicated mother to Thea.

  1. It means loving everything about Malaysia from its food to its people to its beautiful nature, and even our very own homegrown brands. There’s nowhere else like Malaysia.

  2. My hope for Thea is that she’ll have many friends coming from diverse backgrounds and for her to experience the different festivities and cultures Malaysia has to offer, which is unique to our country. I would also want for a better education system, where Malaysians will be proud of our quality education standards once again.

Nicholas, Nathan and Sophia

Nicholas, a West Malaysian who calls Kota Kinabalu home with his son, Nathan and wife, Sophia.

  1. 1. For me, it’s a day that I, as a father can inspire my kids to love this land that we are born in.

  2. 2. I envision that my kids will live truly as Malaysians. That he will live in a world that will see more than just the colour of their skin or languages. That he will fight for freedom just as we and the generation before have fought hard to give him the Malaysia today.

Liyana, together with friends and the kids

Liyana, a passionate mother.

  1. I really hope and would love to see Malaysians be truly united as one, not just as the nation's campaign,theme or slogan.

  2. The new Malaysia brings so much hope to all of us. But it is sad to see a divisive school system - Sekolah Kebangsaan schools are now attended by a majority of Malays and the rest goes to Chinese schools, private schools, etc. If the foundation isn't build right, we will never learn to grow as one. My hope is that with a New Malaysia, we can instil our country’s rich heritage in our little ones from young.

Mr and Mrs Kobi and their kids, Divash and Pehraadhana

Mr and Mrs Kobi, devoted and loving parents to Divash and Pehraadhana.

  1. 1. Love starts within the family, if you can relate this to our nation as the bigger family, then you will truly love your country.

  2. 2. We wish that our children will enjoy a peaceful and wholesome experience while growing up and their life experiences will teach them to be a better person. We also hope for them to grow as Malaysians who see every Malaysian as equals regardless of their race and religion. Satu Bangsa, Bangsa Malaysia.

Elicia's son

Elicia, a devoted mother.

  1. To love Malaysia is to respect its people and environment. To appreciate our home ground and not take it for granted. To work together towards improving its laws, economy, and education, and to make Malaysia a country we can proudly call our home.

  2. A place with good education where they can grow positively as successful leaders, a place with less discrimination among its people, a place that’s safe and clean to live in, and a place they find comfortable in raising their own family too.

We would like to thank all parents who took part in this and at Me Books, we would like to wish all Malaysians Happy National Day and Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan!

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