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3 Types of pictures you shouldn’t post of your kids on social media

How to protect your kids from social media threats ??

We are now living in an age where parents had “evolved” into professional photographers, with smartphones 24/7 on their hands, always prepared to take snaps of their little angels , blessing our feeds with kisses on cheeks. But while sharing photos of your little ones could be fun, sometimes it’s better for some moments to be hidden behind the phone screens.

Otherwise it might put your little ones on risk of  shame, embarrassment or even worst, an easy target for child predators. So instead of hurrying to delete every single picture of your precious ones online, here are 3 pictures of your kids that you shouldn’t post online.

Bathing snaps

Any pictures of your child fully or partially naked would be alright to be added to the family picture collection while it might still  be unsafe to be shared online as there’s a high risk that these photos might fall into the wrong hands . For example, child predators or child pornographers .

I believe many parents are guilty for doing so as sometimes they’re just too cute to resist posting. But good news is as long as these pictures doesnt get leaked online or make way to your feeds, your child would be still in safe hands.

Pictures with location tagged

Ever since social media had introduce the location sharing feature, many people had been using it on almost every single picture. Pictures of this kind can be usually found on almost any proud parents  feed. Location tag features might be like a cherry on top for your post but tagging location of schools , nursery or parks on your child’s picture could also turn your little ones into easy targets for child kidnappers as personal data are exposed online.

Potty training

While witnessing your child doing their “business” for the first time could be a proud moment for parents and many would often share their kid’s achievements online. At times like this, it is still better to keep these precious memories private when you think about the consequences in the future that your child or you might face.

As many might had already know that anything that you share online would last forever.Yes , FOREVER; So do you think that your kids would want to see a picture of themselves  “doing it” for the first time in the future ?? Besides that, the internet is a public platform where their future peers might also find these pictures online and use it against them in school.

Well it is still fine that you would still want to share pictures of your little family online, but the next time maybe try using these few tips to protect your child’s privacy or from any potential harm.

Apart from that, there are still lots of cute and safe way to post pictures online. For example, instead of posting pictures of your kids bathing, you can dress them up and  use cute milestone backdrops to share your little kiddo’s achievements to everyone. Or next time maybe try only “ friending” people who you known personally or speak to frequently.

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