The idea of using Me Books for an activity around scripting a character's thoughts as a way of engaging young readers.

The Me Books voice recording function is a great example of this.

Emily Best, United Kingdom National Literacy Trust

All in one great platform for families.

World-Class Reading Programme

An ever-expanding library of over 400  children's titles

Storytelling Resources & Guide

Tactile Learning

(Art & Craft activities)

Me Books Theatre* worth US$ 29.90

(Only available in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand)

One subscription. Unlimited Access.


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Join the storytelling journey today that

over 2 million families trust.

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Me Books Theatre* worth US$ 29.90

12 months x US$2.49/mth = US$29.88 per year.

Me Books Theatre* worth US$ 29.90 + Me Books Savings up to US$21.00

*Note: We only ship to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

However, for other countries, we may be able to make alternative arrangements. Email us at


Welcome Screen

Welcome Screen

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Storytelling Beginss

Books Selection based on Graded Reading Levels

Reset into original narration.

Me Books App in a Glimpse

Recommended ages 2 to 9 years old.

Immersive sound effects to stir the imagination.

Built-in narration with accurate pronunciation.

Customisable audio for interactive storytelling.

Unlimited access for only US$2.49* per month.

Over 400 children's books from the best publishers around the world.

Supports up to 3 compatible devices per account.

Offline reading available.

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