Me Books Theatre

Take stories out

into the world.

Delve into the art of shadow play with the Me Books Theatre, specially crafted to be used with Me Books App. 

With the touch-and-feel element and even more interactivity, storytelling can be even more fun and educational for little ones.

Experiment with shadow and light.


Shadow play infuses exploration into storytelling, letting your little one immerse themselves in the stories while learning about the world around them.


Introduce little ones to the physics of light, and even demonstrate transparency and opaqueness, while embarking on an adventure of wonder and curiosity.

Tactile play for multi-sensory learning.

Hands-on activities allow your little one to engage different senses to learn.

Through the power of touch, sound and voice, the Me Books Theatre and App work together harmoniously to give wonderfully new and different ways for your child to explore and imagine.

Infuse technology with art & creativity.


Together with the Me Books App, you and your little one can

make storytime even more magical.


Built-in narration and sound effects allow for a more immersive experience,

while customisable audio lets you and your child breathe new life into every story and make each one uniquely yours.

What's Inside

Here's how to assemble your Me Books Theatre

How to Get a

Me Books Theatre​?


Sign up for a 12-month subscription on Me Books App, and get the Theatre on us.

You can also purchase it separately by emailing us at

*Note: We only ship to Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

However, for other countries, we may be able to make

alternative arrangements. Email us at





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