Me Books App (Overview)

Creating Stories Together.



A wonderland of children's books with rich, immersive audio in one interactive storytelling app.

Immerse in the stories.


Record your own narration and sounds.


Hear built-in narration & sound effects.

interact with every corner of page.png

Interact with every corner of every page.

wonderous writing and visuals.png

View wondrous writing & vibrant visuals.

Play a part in every story.

Put together your very own full-cast production with the App's patented draw-and-record feature: simply draw on-screen to create your hotspot and record away. ​

Customisable audio allows every person, big or small, to be a part of something wonderful.


Whether at home, in class, or in the great outdoors.

The magic of spoken words.

Hear the signature voices of Benedict Cumberbatch, Sir David Jason, Rik Mayall, Adam Buxton, and many more with the App’s built-in narration. ​


Now, everyone can have a go at mastering the art of speech.

Imagine beyond what you see.

Sound effects add atmosphere and another layer of immersion to stories on the Me Books App.

Whisk littles ones away to other places (figuratively and literally), and let your child design the sounds of each scene themselves—with only a tap and their imagination.

A library at your fingertips.

Explore more than 400 children's books from the very best publishers all around the world.

Including well-loved reads from the West and heavenly finds from the East. All on a monthly subscription.

Guided reading for every child.

World-class reading programmes and levelled titles are available for every unique young readers and budding storyteller.

Take stories out into the world.

Make storytelling even more fun and educational with the Me Books Theatre. 

Designed for children, parents, and educators, it's an amazing tool for tactile learning and a marvellous way for children to experience stories within and beyond the screen.

Me Books App in a Glimpse

Over 400 children's books from the best publishers around the world

Immersive sound effects to stir the imagination

Built-in narration with accurate pronunciation

Recommended ages 2 to 9 years old

Customisable audio for interactive storytelling

Offline reading available

Supports up to 3 compatible devices





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