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Creating Stories Together.



A wonderland of children's books with rich, immersive audio in one interactive storytelling app.

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Create more with

your child.

From US$ 2.49 per month 

after free 14-day trial.

Dream up storytelling adventures, make invaluable memories and put together your own productions with your little one.

Over 400 children’s books with audio under one subscription.

Enjoyed by millions of people in homes and schools all over the world.

Enjoy read-along audio and sound effects on every page.

Patented Me Books "Draw and Record' feature.


your own narration and sounds.


built-in narration & sound effects.


with every corner of every page.


beautiful writing & vibrant visuals.

Learning begins with listening.

That's where literacy develops.

Accurate pronunciation and intonation for

every child and every parent.

With build-in narration, your child can hear how tricky words sound out loud and imitate native English pronunciation.

Dynamic readings encourage comprehension of the text

Over 40 voice actors from around the world.

Now, everyone can have a go at mastering the art of speech.

Hear the signature voices of Benedict Cumberbatch, Sir David Jason, Rik Mayall, Adam Buxton, and many more with the App’s built-in narration. ​

Sound Effects & Side Scripts

Sound effects add atmosphere and another layer of immersion to stories on the Me Books App.

Imagine beyond what you see.

Whisk littles ones away to other places and let your child design the sounds of each scene themselves  with only a tap and their imagination.

Sound effects are created to facilitate your child's visualization.

Explore more than 400 children's books from the very best publishers all around the world.

Unlock a diverse collection of books, from New York Times bestsellers to local works and everything in between.

It starts with phonics.

International & Local Award-winning Picture Books.

Build literacy skills while challenging students to develop innovative solutions to real-world problems!

Instill Values Beyond Pages.

Children will be exposed to different cultures, learn about new places, and listen to built-in narration, familiarizing themselves with different accents.

We work with over 40 publishers around the world and to produce content that empowers children to become involved, engaged, and inspired.

Guided and grade-separated international children's books to support literacy development.

Guided reading for every child.

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) Level : Below A1 - B1

Lexile Band :

925L - 1185L

Book Band Lilac to Turquoise

Make storytelling even more fun and educational with the Me Books Theatre. 

Designed for children, parents, and educators, the Me Books Theatre is an amazing tool for tactile learning.

Storytelling Resources & Activities for you as their parent.

We empower every parent to become their child's first teacher. 

All-in-one platform for your children & family.

From US$ 2.49 per month  after free 14-day trial.






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