The Journey of Stories

Go beyond the book and discover a whole new world. Reimagine reading where you can be part of the story.

Su Ann (Author), Olaf Yen (Illustrator)

A short story about unleashing one's creativity and imagination by seeing the world with childlike curiosity and wide-eyed wonder. 


Embark on a magical journey through storytelling, as a little girl seeks to find more in life.


The girl serves as a reminder for us to never forget the little things that make us who we are : curious, bold and ever-inspiring. 

Since young, we're often being defined by the grades we get in school, the friends we have, the way we look, and what have or have no achieved. 

At one point, we stop enjoying the simple little things and the magic in everyday life. It is important to remember that life is much more than just talking exams, working late nights, and following in the footsteps of others.

Go on a storytelling adventure beyond the wonders of these pages with sound effects and narration, where imagination comes alive and where you can tell your stories just like the author intended.

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