Your child's feelings are just as real as yours.

How well is my child doing at school? How do I get my child to get better grades? What can I do to make my child enter the top school/college/university? These are some common questions that parents have asked. But not many parents ask if their child is enjoying their time at school, if they’re having a hard time with their peers, or even something as simple as, “How is my child really feeling?” or “Is my child happy?”.


At Me Books Asia and Havan Clothing, we believe that every child has their inner struggles and battles, and their feelings need to be acknowledged and dealt with in the right way. A child needs to learn to develop healthy coping skills to better manage their feelings of anger, frustration, distress and sadness.


When children are supported and understood in times of hardship, social issues, especially bullying, can be alleviated or even prevented on both sides. This is where empowerment comes in to play.

Me Books Asia is partnering with Havan Clothing with the aim of tackling social issues, including bullying, through empowering every child.

In conjunction with this campaign, Me Books Asia and Havan Clothing have curated a special “Be Your Own Superhero” Bundle, containing a picture book called “Even Superheroes Have Bad Days,” and a limited edition T-shirt, specially designed by a shelter-home child called KH.

K.H. 8 

K.H. 8, Sentul - Kuala Lumpur

K.H. – 8 years old, from Sentul, Kuala Lumpur. He is 4 foot tall and has short spiky hair. Always wearing a gigantic pair of glasses almost covering his tiny face. K.H. is cheerful, energetic and adventurous. Every time we come over to the shelter-home, he would welcome us with his friendly smile and helpful hands to carry all the teaching materials. 

“I Am Superhero” – a sweet little hand lettering by K.H, wishing he could be a hero to the people around him. He does this by making small contributions within his capabilities – as simple as helping a senior cross the road or standing up for others in need.

Townhall Event: Unleashing the Inner Superhero in Your Child


The truth is there is an inner superhero in all of us. We are born with unique strengths and capabilities that might not be uncovered without the right guidance. Parents, of course, want to help and educate their children and this can be a challenging task. 


This workshop aims to help parents get to know their children a little better and even gain a fresh new perspective. With a breakout session between parents and children, we will share practical tips to help parents gain confidence in empowering their children in their daily life.  





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