Nurturing the Next Storyteller.



Me Books App (For Parents)

As low as US$2.49* per month.

*With a 12-month subscription.

You are your child’s first teacher.

That's where literacy develops.

The day you first hold your newborn in your arms is the day their storytelling journey should begin.


It’s never too early to start raising a bibliophile.

The human condition in pages

Children are made readers on the lap of their parents

Your voice plays an almost magical role in your child's development. Your little one will pick up language and concepts through your voice. 



We encourage a constant exchange of narration between you and your munchkin. A one-sided storytelling session is merely a speech; not communication.

Learning begins with listening.

That's where literacy develops.

Being a great speaker begins with being a great listener. Built-in, customisable audio narration allows anyone to immerse themselves in spoken language and mimic native speech patterns effortlessly and naturally.

We empower you to be your child's first teacher with these tools:

Handpicked Content 

Recommended by child experts, parents & educators.

Excellent Pronunciation & Intonation 

(Built-in Narration)

To assist Parents in conducting storytelling sessions.

Storytelling Resources

To assist parents in asking the right questions and encouraging the right activities for creativity.

Tactile Learning

Integrating art & crafts sessions and storytelling sessions.

Learning in Real Life

The Me Books Theatre supports early readers and limited screen time. 
Parents can create Shadow Plays with existing audio to create fun storytelling sessions.

Recorded by Siblings.

Charlie & Lola video

Record your own narration complete with foleys (sound effects) that your child can hear again and again.

Children can listen to it when you're at work.

with family

Create stories together with your child

Immerse yourself and your child into the story!

with peers.

Unforgettable moments, at home or on the go.

The special bond between you and your child deepens with every page. Make way for more wondrous adventures and precious moments with your little one, and capture them all in recordings.


More than saving your recordings on the Me Books app,

you're saving your memories.

Re-living memories from childhood.

You can save up to 3 narrations and share devices or family members

(Coming soon late 2019)

Get your hands dirty with your child today.

Art & Craft sessions at home allow children to exercise their imagination based on the stories told.

Explore shadow theatre with your little storyteller.

Take interactive storytelling to a whole new level

with the Me Books Theatre*.


Create your own props and shadow puppets together with your child,

and decorate your Theatre as a family.

*Comes free with a 12-month subscription.

Unlimited Access. One Subscription.

Read wherever, leave whenever.

Flexible cancellations.





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