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21st Century Learning

Reinventing the classroom​

Transforming your classroom into a collaborative, creative space has never been simpler.

With Me Books, both teachers and students can create stories together, organise a full-cast production, and even make storytelling props as a whole class.​

Reimagine the way classwork is done.

With the Me Books App, your students are more than just students. And you are more than their facilitator or moderator.

Together, you and your students can play an assortment of characters. Recount tales with gusto. Or compose an orchestra of sounds within the story world.


Whatever the craft, there's something for every person in the class—students and educators alike.

A handpicked selection of over

400 titles

from the very best children's publishers around the world.

With the greatest children's content.

Content that empowers students to become involved, engaged, and inspired.

• Graded Reading Levels (CEFR & Lexile Band)

• Basic Phonics

• Picture Books

• Fiction

• Non-Fiction


Big screen, beautifully clear.

See the details of every vivid-coloured illustration and every word as crisply and clearly as they were imagined. Using just one app and one screen, you can unlock an entire library of books that the whole class can delight in.

Simply connect to a large monitor (projector or television) and watch

the magic unfold... and even make your own.

Capture the symphonies of nature

and the world around.

Step out of the classroom and experience all that the great outdoors have to offer, right down to the tiniest details.


Bird songs, the pitter-patter of rain, the rustling of leaves—the melodies of nature enrich every child's storytelling. At the same time, you're also encouraging

exploration and discovery.

Turn everyday sounds into cinematic soundscapes.

Unleash your students' imagination, as well as your own, like never before with the App's customisable audio. With the patented draw-and-record feature,

you and your students can explore sound design and make audio magic.


Create Foley from anything and everything, and let every scene come alive through immersive sound effects that are just as rich and vibrant as your students' creativity.

Relive memories from childhood. 

Like the first steps or the first word, every student's learning experience

can be kept forever and even shared with their parents.


Each and every recording on the App will be stored in the

cloud (with Internet connection)—it's easy & secure.

Tactile learning for every kind of learner.

It's not all about digital. Tactile play is one of the most important aspects in our design.


Because we believe that the touch-and-feel element is essential when it comes to a multi-sensory, holistic education. That's why we've created hands-on activities

to enhance your students' learning.

It is a non-profit initiative by Me Books to empower educators and students. Strictly not for sale or promotion.

Explore shadow play in class.

Incorporate shadow play into your storytelling sessions for your students with the Me Books Theatre, specially designed for classroom settings.

Put together full-cast productions, make your own storytelling props, and let the whole class be collaborators, cast members, directors, producers, and more.

*Note: We only ship to Singapore, Malaysia  and Thailand.

However, for other countries, we may be able to make

alternative arrangements. Email us at





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